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Genre - Stealth

Platform - PC

Engine - Tengine

Duration - 5 weeks

Team Size - 9


Project Information

My Work

During the five-week project, I mostly worked on a little bit everything, instead of focusing specific aspects, such as Gameplay design. Myself and the other designer worked together on almost everything, dividing up work equally or taking turns to do specific tasks (such as documentation and play testing).

However, I did work on a couple of specific areas, such as making the level design layout (pictured to the right) and the narrative for the game as well as the UI elements.

My Roles

  • Level Design
  • Gameplay Design
  • Project Management
  • QA - Play testing
  • Narrative Design
  • UI Design

Laborated is a first person stealth game (with horror elements) set in an unknown, laboratory facility, somewhere underground. You are Alice, a teenager that has managed to escape your former captors.

Alice and countless other teens has been subject to horrific experiments. Before she leaves, Alice needs proof of the horrors, she and many others has experienced. Once you have all of the required evidence, you can escape!

Because you escaped your captivity, the guards are now all over the facility trying to find and capture you! Avoid them at all cost!

Pictured: Level layout I made that we used when building the level in Maya.

Pictured: The To-Steal List as it was seen in-game.

As previously mentioned, I worked on both the game's narrative and UI design, this is because I made the only UI element that was prevalent in-game, the To-Steal List (pictured to the left).


The list tells the player what items they need to collect as well where they are in the form of hints in the text. This text vaguely tells the story to the player.

When designing the list, I did all of the work, which among other things, meant I was writing the text that needed to look like it was written by a teenage girl in her situation.

Design Philosophy

Originally, we wanted to make a stealth game where the player could also do "run and grab". This meant the player could run past npcs and stealing their items without stopping at all. The guards of the bazaar would chase the player, trying to catch them.

However, we soon changed the concept to instead be set in a Victorian mansion, with guards walking around with flashlights (very similar to the final product).

Finally, we decided on that the game would be set in a laboratory setting. The game were to mainly be a stealth game, but would use certain horror elements, such as the inability to defend yourself against enemies.

Pictured: Level layout draft that I made for the original bazaar concept.



Adam Forsberg

Julia Wawrzyniak

Lucaz Flodemark

Simon Padellaro


Adrian Rondahl

Fabian Fernlund


Torsten Lareke

Samuel Kärvemo


Lukas Markström

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