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Genre - Stealth

Platform - PC

Engine - Tengine

Roles -

Duration - 5 weeks

Team Size - 9

Level Design

Gameplay Design

Project Management

QA (Playtesting)


One player plays as the protagonist, called Alice, trapped underground in some sort of facility. The player must remain undetected by evading the guards that are patrolling the area. The goal for the player is to collect all of the evidence, to be able to show the world the atrocities committed there.

When playing the game, it brings feelings very similar to how a stealth and horror game is experienced. This is because the game is mainly designed as a stealth game, but has some horror aspects to its gameplay and aesthetic.


What I Worked On



Instead of a conventional stealth system, the player stays hidden from the guards by avoiding their flashlights. The flashlight shows what the guard "sees", in that they can only see that which is within the light on the ground. Walking into the flashlight will make the guard stop and aim his flashlight towards the player.


If the player fails to leave the flashlight after a few seconds, they will lose the game and will have to start over. Should the player walk into a guard and collide with them, they will also become caught.


When behind objects, (such as crates) the player can safely "peek" over the edge of the object, on either the right or left side. When peeking behind an object, the player cannot be seen by guards. The player can use peeking to see guards whilst staying in a safe position.



Around the game level, the player can collect items called Evidence. To find all the evidence, the player can read hints using the UI or explore the facility. Once the player has collected all of the evidence, they can go to the exit and win the game.