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Roof Runners

Genre - Platformer

Platform - PC

Engine - Tengine

Duration - 9 weeks

Team Size - 14


Project Information

My Work

At the start of the project, I worked almost exclusively with level design, that I worked in Unity. We created a prototype for our game in Unity to test out features as well as level design. With that prototype I created a level that the designers were pleased with, and we chose my design as the best one for the project.

Although a part of the level got cut due to time constraints, it was still my design that we used through both the Beta and Gold stages of development.

My Roles

  • Level Design
  • UI Design
  • Documentation
  • Gameplay Design
  • QA - Play testing

Roof Runners is a third person multiplayer platforming game that makes 6 players compete in an exhilarating split-screen experience.

The dogs have to capture all of the cats before the time runs out to win the game. The cats need to avoid the dogs and release captured comrades.

For years the cat minority have been oppressed by a corrupt government ruled by dogs, leading to innocents being imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. The time has come for the cats to make their final stand, as the police have been called in to take in "suspects" to quell the unrest.

Pictured: The original level design that I made in our Unity prototype.

Pictured Above: The Tutorial as it was seen in-game.

Pictured Below: Concept I made for Lobby screen.

By the start of the fifth week, the level design was pretty much completed, so I started doing other tasks, such as updating and rewriting sections of the GDD. I also partook in several play test sessions to receive feedback from testers.

For much of the later weeks of the project, I worked on designing User Interfaces. I made  concepts for several areas, such as a lobby screen and the end game screen. The tutorial I made we used in the final game since it was designed to be used in-game.

Design Philosophy

In the beginning, the concept was very simple, namely that it was tag, but as a game. One team chased and tries to the opposing team, whilst the other avoids them. Captured cats would get teleported to a prison, which could be opened if a button was pressed. This is the design we stuck with throughout the entire project.

We also decided at the start that the level design would be very vertical, to create enjoyable gameplay going up and down from different levels of elevation. This also came through to the end, but we toned down the differences between the level's highest and lowest points.

Pictured: How the Unity level was kind of vertical in design.



Christoffer Ryrvall

David Knief

Elisabeth Jönsson

Louise Lundén

Sonya Belgacem

Tobias Persson


Adrian Rondahl

Jonathan Berglin

Kristian Timmermand


Torsten Lareke

Mikael Danielsson

Pontus Hassis

Sound Designers & Music Composers

Ivar Jons

Jenny Waldemarsson

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